【SF diary Vol.9】Interview with foreign employees! Part.2

Hi there, it’s Takahashi.

These days have been very cold and it was even snowing in Hiroshima this week, which is quite rare. On top of that, many of us caught a flu. That’s why I make sure to strengthen my immune system by eating healthy and sleeping a lot, besides of course washing my hands and rinsing my mouth.


Today we finally continue part 2 of our ‘Foreign Employee Interview’. This time, I introduce to you Kai Zaremba (26 years old) from Germany.


What kind of job are you currently doing?

-     I develop software for medical equipment


How did you find a job in Japan?

-     While I was doing my research studies in the Hiroshima City University, I used equipment which has also been used at this company. When my research studies finished and I still had one week left in Japan, I happened to know that System Friend was currently looking for employees who have experience with the technology I was using during my research. As soon as we finished our job interview, I was immediately accepted. After my graduation back in Germany, I returned to Hiroshima and started my new job here.

What did surprise you the most when you started working at System Friend?

-     People overseas usually imagine work in Japan to be very strict and tiring, which is why I first was a little anxious. However, I already noticed during the job interview people wearing casual clothes and felt an overall relaxing atmosphere. In the end, it turned out not to be at all strict the way I expected.


What do you think is the best thing about System Friend?

-     Everyone at this company is very friendly and helpful which makes me very happy to work here. With new challenges every day and many interesting projects, it never gets boring.


From a foreigner’s point of view, working in Japan surely seems to be tough. Everyone wearing suits, working all day, hardly taking a break...

Even I imagined a software development company to be very harsh before I started working here. Like sitting in front of my PC all day, not able to communicate with others. But as Kai stated in his interview, you can easily exchange with others while having a cup of coffee. It surely is a heartwarming atmosphere here.


Thank you for taking the time to have this interview.

See you next time!