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Contract Software

We respond with a wide range of services, from software planning and design to support of operation, from open-source software customization to scratch development. System Friend is an integration partner of EC-CUBE.

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XR · Next Generation Technology R&D 

In addition to pure entertainment, we utilize the latest devices and technologies to develop XR applications and support various projects that aim to realize next generation experiences.

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Medical / Welfare

We utilize technology cultivated in the software development and entertainment fields in the field of medical and welfare equipment development. Additionally, we also carry out projects for in-home nursing care support.

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Mobile Motion Visualizer 鑑AKIRA

Mobile Motion Visualizer AKIRA is a medical device that measures joint movement based on data measured with a non-contact sensor.

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AchievementsTo the achievement list

Hiroshima University Official Website

Official Website | Drupal

We customized Drupal and built a CMS necessary for the operation of the university site. Thousands of content features managed by over 100 groups.

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Smart School

EC site | EC-CUBE

BtoB site for educational institutions operated by the
Plus Jointex Company.

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Smart nursing care

EC site | EC-CUBE

BtoB site targeting nursing care and welfare facilities operated by Plus Jointex Company. Functions such as order estimation and substitution are also available. The catalog extend across 4,500 items, with more than 30,000 more lined up.

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