【President Diary】Nursing care facilities and LINE WORKS

I heard such a good news from our clients.


PLUS Corporation Jointex company was rewarded “New Customer Success award” by LINE WORKS Partner Award 2023!


Please check more details on works mobile official website below:


The award values the project called “Smart Kaigo” by PLUS, the business core of “Smart Kaigo” is B-to-B e-commerce site selling supplies for nursing care providers. Not only just merchandise, but also they offer total support to nursing care providers including suggestions or selling various services. Introduction of LINE WORKS is one of the support business.


We have supported “Smart Kaigo” since beginning of the website, also were responsible for implementing the function of LINE WORKS.

Smart Kaigo

By the way, LINE WORKS is very compatible with nursing care facilities.


Our company had tried to create a communication service application for nursing care facilities ( We eventually gave up at that time..), we had chances to get opinions by nursing care providers at that time. Especially we heard that there were a lot of communication problems between staffs and the families of residents. For example, when a provider called to a family of resident so that a resident had a fever, the family hurried to get to the facility, but the resident already got better when they arrived. I heard that some family complained not to call such mild cases, but they also complained if there is no call when they came to the facility. By providers’ side, it makes them frustrated, they think like family should come more frequently if they worry about so much. Especially during the covid virus pandemic, I think the problem is more serious.


In this point, LINE is a more comfortable application to communicate between the families and the facilities.


However, it is also a problem to contact between them using providers’ private accounts by management private information aspect. Providers don’t want to connect with the families personally in the first place. This is why, LINE WORKS fits for nursing care facilities since they can make a business account. It is like a business talk, but please contact with PLUS corp. if you have an interest. Click here.


Smart Kaigo is not just supporting to introduce LINE WORKS for nursing providers, but also improving convenience of Smart Kaigo website through LINE WORKS for busy providers. Once introducing LINE WORKS on Smart Kaigo, the providers can request to purchase through the app, and supervisors can confirm the request and approve on the app as well. In particular, if applicants and approvals can be proceed quickly on the app, the burden of office work for the provides will be significantly reduced. It is such a good flow; the providers will be more comfortable, the sales of smart Kaigo will increase, and the number of LINE WORKS users will increase.


“New Customer Success award” is “a reward to partners who contribute to customers to solve problems and success by using LINE WORKS”, exactly the mechanism above implemented on LINE WORKS was valued.


We are glad that the commitment of our clients was valued. We have supported the implementing the system on LINE WORKS, but there have been some difficulties. The functions on LINE WORKS itself has been update during developing, a continuous trial and error was required to realize an easy-to-use UI and UX within the limited screen of LINE. However, we are so happy to be able to release on it on schedule somehow, and nursing providers were pleased, also PLUS was awarded.


In fact, we had tried to develop a communication service for nursing care named “Sma-cro”, and created a promotion video at that time. The good point was Asynchronous recorded video communication was easy to use. It was an communication app between residents and families, but we often heard requests from facilities to send messages by them, too. I regret that if it had been completed including such requests before the pandemic, it would be helpful now.

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