Company overview

Company overview

Head office location 1-11-20, Itsukaichi-Ekimae, Saeki-ku, Hiroshima city, Japan 731-5125.
Date of establishment August 13, 1997
Capital 37 million yen
Representative Toshihide Okamoto
number of employees 30 people (including part)
Business contents Contract development of software
Consulting on system introduction
Construction and maintenance of in-house PC environment
Build and operate net shop
Teaching instruction on computers
Server operation
Management of regional information site "Maipure Hiroshima"
Manufacture and sale of medical equipment
In-Home Long-Term Care Support Project
Authorization · Affiliated organizations Telecommunications Business Notification Number F-19-655
Medical equipment manufacturing license 34BZ200023
Type II Medical Device Manufacturer Sales License Number 34 B 2 X 1 0008
Privacy mark registration number 10823082 (05)
EC-CUBE Integration Partner
Linux Business Initiative (Director)
Japan Cloud Working Group (Vice Chairman)
Tokyo Motion Control Network (Executive Director)


As of July 1, 2017
Representative Director and Chairman Toshihide Okamoto
Managing director Toshio Asayama
Director Satoshi Maemoto
Director Ariaki Higashi
Auditor Mikio Kawamura


August 1997 Established Systemfriend Limited Company
Capital 3 million yen
April 1998 Head Office relocation
Relocated to Eiriban Bld of Inokuchi-dai, Nishi-ku Hiroshima-shi
October 1999 Head Office relocation
Moved to Itsukaichi-Ekimae Saeki-ku Hiroshima city (former motorcycle shop showroom)
August 2003 Organization change from limited company to corporation
Capital increased to 10 million yen
September 2006 EC site launch business using EC-CUBE
March 2007 Tokyo office established
Opened an office in Mansion in Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa-ku Tokyo
November 2008 Acquisition of privacy mark
April 2011 Regional portal site "Maipure Hiroshima" started operation
July 2013 Tokyo office relocation
Move to the office building of Nishi Gotanda Shinagawa Ward and register as Tokyo branch
May 2014 Acquisition of medical equipment manufacturing license
November 2014 Acquisition of permission to manufacture and sell second-class medical equipment
June 2015 Mobile Motion Visualizer Register as a medical device
2017年6月 In-Home Long-Term Care Support Project Started
2018年1月 Head Office relocation
Relocated to a three-story building in front of Itsukaichi Station in Saeki-ku, Hiroshima city
2018年3月 Capital increased to 37 million yen


  • Hiroshima Shinkin Bank West Branch
  • Hiroshima Bank Itsukaichi Branch
  • Yamaguchi Bank Hiroshima West Branch
  • Momiji Bank Itsukaiti-Ekimae Branch
  • Shoko-Chukin Hiroshima Branch
  • Iyo Bank Itsukaichi Branch
  • SMBC Hiroshima Branch

Main client

  • Fujitsu Limited
  • Core Corporation
  • SCSK Corporation
  • International Dentsu International Information Service Co., Ltd.
  • E Life Co., Ltd.
  • Sanyu Corporation
  • Japan Unitech Co., Ltd.
  • Nintendo Co., Ltd
  • Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
  • Seiko Epson Corporation
  • Asahi Electronics Corporation
  • Takenaka Corporation
  • Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation
  • Nippon Television Network Corporation
  • M3 Corporation
  • Good Smile Company Co., Ltd.
  • PAGENT Co., Ltd
  • VeriTrans Co., Ltd.
  • Yamato Financial Co., Ltd.
  • Classicom Co., Ltd.
  • Japan Visc Corporation
  • Mazda Hiroshima Co., Ltd.
  • Sanki Corporation
  • Sankei Well-be Corporation
  • ASCA Net Inc.
  • Spiral Co., Ltd.
  • HerStory Co., Ltd.
  • Inotech Co., Ltd.
  • Shingi Co., Ltd.
  • Hiroshima University
  • Tokyo University
  • Chiba University
  • Hiroshima Institute of Technology
  • Joshibi University of Art and Design
  • Future link Network Co., Ltd.
  • Shoeisha Co., Ltd.
  • SB Creative Co., Ltd.
  • Nifty Corporation