【SF diary Vol.99】Interview with our director! (xR group manager Satoshi Maemoto)

【SF diary Vol.99】Interview with our director! (xR group manager Satoshi Maemoto)
I interviewed with Satoshi Maemoto, who is the manager of xR group and has awarded Microsoft MVP! We talked about his surprising background, things that gained from his mistakes of the past, and his passion toward the job.


―Please tell me your background.

I was a student who love programming by PC and created games and so on. One day one of my classmate’s father who was a manager of a software development company asked me to join in the company, then I started working without any employment examinations and interviews. I met the former president of System Friend at the company.

After a while, However, I noticed that I didn’t suit for programming as a job, and I quit it. At the time, the self-discovery journey had begun; working as a part time job, such as a convenient store staff, a construction worker, working at construction site in order to make a living. These work experiences were tough physically, but there were a lot of learning opportunities. It was the best time to lie down up on the roof of other person’s home while feeling blue sky in the spring.

Afterwards, I started a part-time job at a computer class as an instructor. (Short time, but high-paying job!) I’ve been claimed from a lady who couldn’t understand the structure of files or folders on PC, “Happy for you that you can understand, but I can’t!”, I thought that was the reason why you came here, but it was okay that I could work leisurely.

One day, when System Friend had just started, one of them said to come to do part-time job. I didn’t expect to restart programming because I was an instructor, but have continued working here until today.

―What was the reason to be fascinated with this industry?

When I got a computer at first, I played games for a while. Then I noticed that it seemed more fun to create the excellent game I imagined than to play existing games. I felt there is endless fun to realize the world in my brain.

―When is the most fun moment during working?

I get adrenaline pumping up when coding operation based on the structure drawn in my brain, and it moved as I thought!

―What is the best thing to do current job?

I don’t feel “working” as things that I like became my work. It is the happiest to me that I can earn money and get evaluated while playing interesting puzzle games.

―Have you ever made mistakes on your working?

It happened continuously serious bugs when I was young. Even though it didn’t lead to fetal crashes but there was a lot of tough accidents. If I didn’t go through these tough accidents, wouldn’t be who I am.

―What do you put importance on your work?

Always asking myself, “Is that truly what I want to do?” when I need to choose something. I choose a job sounds more exciting even if the other is high-income job.

―Do you have some advice to challengers who start working in this industry?

I think people who work as their hobby or excitement can perform better than who work as job. It is better not to hide your curiosity toward something interesting or question how it’s constructed inside and learn from it. If you pursue something too much or fail, people around you could help, and people who learn from failure experience are incomparable to who keep avoiding taking risk. Try in a fine line between failure and success.

―What kind of person do you work with?

People who emphasize when I say it doesn't look beautiful this method is in this class. If not, it’s fine as long as everyone can enjoy.

(with xR members in Tokyo office)

―Do you have goals in the future?

I don’t have a clear image of what I want to be or what I want to do. Now I’m satisfied with the environment that I can take my time to challenging and fun development which I like the best. I hope to continue to do it for my life.

Thank you for taking time!

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