【SF diary Vol.101】Do you care for your dental health?

June 4th is Caries Prevention Day in Japan. Do you regularly go to dental checkup? In our company, all employees take routine checkup in a year. Our manager can grasp the physical health of the employees but cannot know about the dental health at all. I heard that there are still few companies that incorporate dental health checkup into the routine checkup. In fact, we conducted an in-house questionnaire on oral care for all employees. I would like to introduce some of the results.


More than 80% employees answered “Yes” or “A little interested”.


More than 60% employees answered that they have concern about the oral environment. Especially they care about tartar, dental plaque, decayed tooth and wisdom tooth.




More than half of the employees go to routine dental checkup. People who don’t go there seem that they think that they should go but don’t have time to go or just don’t want to. One of them care about decayed teeth, but don’t go to the dentist…


The profits of taking routine dental checkup are below.

・Be able to decrease take a risk of tooth decay and gum disease

・Early detection and treatment of tooth decay and periodontal disease

・Prevention of not only tooth disease but also other diseases

・Prolong the life of teeth

・Leads to reduction in medical expenses

It is said that to take the checkup once every 3 to 6 months is effective. Taking the checkups leads to not only good for the teeth, also good for overall health.

Moreover, it was announced that considering of universal oral health checks in Basic Policy on “Economic and Fiscal Management and Reform 2022” cabinet decided in June 2022. It is aimed to introduce in 2025. As a result, there is a possibility that dental checks will be included in corporate health check. (*It is not yet known what the form of the dental checkups will be and what the cost burden will be.)

In response to this announcement and the results of an internal questionnaire, we decided to take on the challenge of a new initiative. Look forward to the next blog to see the new initiative…!♪