XR・Next Generation Technology R&D

What is XR?

XR is a term that brings the three Realities together.

  • AR (Augmented Reality),
  • VR (Virtual Reality), and
  • MR (Mixed Reality)
At Systemfriend, we utilize devices that revolve around these three Realities in order to research and develop next generation technological demonstrations and software.

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World Sharing System

Simultaneously interacting in a shared space across XR devices.


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HoloLens Application

HoloLens Related Applications




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Chara Mirror

"Chara Mirror" is a mirror where anybody can magically become a wide range of characters instantly!
This fun and special experience for both children and adults can be enjoyed at supporting events and shops.


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Development of Unity plugin and application for the MOVERIO BT-300, EPSON's smart glsses

Moverio BT-300 Unity Plugin360Viewer for MOVERIO360Viewer Personal for MOVERIO

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GPU Video Encoder

Unity plugin that records to Full-HD H264 file in realtime.


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