Contract Software Development

Since our establishment, we have provided contract software development services whilst operating under the policy of not outsourcing our employees. We provide step by step development services from customer consultation to system planning to development to maintenance.
Initially, we engaged in ground up software development projects, but recently, in order to meet the cost and time requirements of our customers, we have begun focusing on development that employs the utilization of opensource software. The opensource software mentioned below in particular have been used to satisfy our customers' specifications.


EC-CUBE, released by EC-CUBE CO.,LTD, is a highly customizable opensource package that is available free of charge and is used for the  development of EC sites. In 2004, Systemfriend began net shop development services and has been operating as an EC-CUBE integrated partner since the release and development of EC-CUBE.

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EC-CUBE business-to-business (BtoB) package includes all the necessities for inter-business transactions.
It is a convenient and priceless tool that lower initial costs for even newly contracted projects.

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Drupal is an opensource Content Management System (CMS).
With the development of the University of Hiroshima's official website, all websites that require large-scale multilingualization and portal sites will use this system.

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※In addition to the aforementioned software development services utilizing opensource software, we also provide services such as management of cloud-based servers and administration support for website operation. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.