Mobile Motion Visualizer AKIRA

A masterpiece of Rehabilitation "AKIRA"

Mobile Motion Visualizer AKIRA is a medical equipment that was born out of the needs of rehabilitation. With a contactless sensor, it is able to evaluate the ranges of joint motion. Using AKIRA is as simple as taking a video. Without any marker and without increasing the burden on patients, it is abl e to measure and records all the 3D information, relating to posture and motion of the body. Furthermore, it is equipped with an array of functions aiding analysis and measurement. As a range of joint motion measuring device this system can be widely used for scenarios where body measurements are required, not just for medical purpose.


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Publication information of thesis

Thesis No.1

"Journal of Biomechanics"
Volume 71, 11 April 2018, Pages 281-285

Title :
Validity of time series kinematical data as measured by a markerless motion capture system on a flatland for gait assessment

Authors : RyoTanaka,HarukaTakimoto,TakahiroYamasaki,AriakiHigashi


Thesis No.2

"Gait & Posture"
Volume 62, May 2018, Pages 458-462

Title : 
Validity of motion analysis using the Kinect system to evaluate single leg stance in patients with hip disorders

Authors :MakotoAsaeda,WataruKuwahara,NaotoFujita,TakumaYamasaki,NobuoAdachi


Thesis No.3

"Journal of Medical Engineering & Technology"
Published online: 30 May 2018
Volume 42 Issue 3 Pages 175-181

Title : 
Validity of the total body centre of gravity during gait using a markerless motion capture system

Authors : RyoTanaka,TakuyaKubota,TakahiroYamasaki,AriakiHigashi