【SF diary Vol.4】Interview with foreign employees! Part.1

Hello. I'm Takahashi, the receptionist.

It is November. On the way to the job I could enjoyed the beautiful color of the cherry tree's leaves. Even all mornings I have to do the same route on a crowded train, I am glad that I can enjoy and feeling the four seasons.

On the last blog I wrote a bit about the three foreign employees of the company, today I would like to interview one of them.
This time I would like to introduce Alejandro Diez.
He is 36 years old and he is from Spain. Everyone in the company call him "Alex".

- What kind of work are you doing now?
I am part of the "Future Welfare" team and my role is to develop applications.
Since joining the company, I am participating in the development of project "AKIRA". Recently the main job is development customized versions of AKIRA and new courses. 

- Please tell me why you decided to work in Japan.
After I got married, I lived in Spain for two years, but during that time the feeling to return to Japan become more and more strong into my wife, so finally we decided to move to Japan. Since I could not speak Japanese when I arrived to Japan, I entered to the Japanese language course of Hiroshima YMCA for two years. After graduating from the Japanese course, for can continue living in Japan, I began looking for a job related to my major. Then I was able to start working at System Friend and reach my goal. In other words, thanks to my wife and System Friends, now I can live in a beautiful and safe city. I love Hiroshima. 

- What do you think is good in SystemFriend?
First are the superiors and co-workers. Everyone is friendly, so the job environment is very good. Other good things are that I can work as a hobby, so I can enjoy while working. I can learn a lot of new things and continue growing up. 

Is amazing that when he arrived to Japan 4 years ago could not speak Japanese and now he is able to speak fluently. "I can enjoy while working", I was impressed with those words. "Everyone is friendly, so the job environment is very good" I feel it too every days.(^^)

Thank you for answer the interview questions! 

Looking forward to "Interview with foreign employees! Part.2" ~ ♪