【SFdiary Vol.3】International!

Hello. I'm Takahashi, the receptionist.

It has gotten much colder in the morning and evening; Hope everyone hasn’t gotten a cold.


Well, three weeks have passed since I joined the company, I also remembered the names of our colleagues and I got used to work little by little.

However, there are many things I don’t know yet and there are various discoveries every day.

Among them, what I especially got surprised when I joined this company is that "There are many foreign people in employees!"


Currently, at the Hiroshima head office, three foreign colleagues work, nationality varies from Germany, Spain, Bangladesh ... and so on. There is also one colleague at a Tokyo branch office.

Initially I joined the company, "Eh? Maybe the company's official language is English, like a company of some kind?", I was worried for a moment, everyone is very good at Japanese.

In order to improve the level of Japanese, language classes to all foreign employees are held every week at the office. Incidentally, there are English classes for Japanese employees too! How International it is! I hope to tell you more about the language classes someday.

What kind of people are they and what kind of work are they doing? You must be interested, aren’t you?

This continuation is next time again! Please look forward to it!