【SF diary Vol.26】Interview with foreign employees! Part.3

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Today at last, I continue part 3 of our ‘Foreign Employee Interview’. This time, I introduce to you Stromberg Bjorn (25 years old) from Sweden. He works at Tokyo branch office.

By the way”Bjorn” means ”Bear” in Swedish (^^) That reminds me・・・! When my daughter was a baby, I used the baby carrier from the brand called “Baby Bjorn”, the character of the brand is “Bear”. Now I remember!

Q.1 What kind of job are you currently working on?
I develop Unity and Windows applications.

Q.2  How did you find a job in Japan?
I got a bachelor's degree and graduated from the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden last year, decided to leave a bit away from my study, so I came to Japan and started job hunting.  And I was introduced System Friend from the person in charge of job offer guidance service for foreigners. I showed a sensor demonstration to my current boss and I was able to get my job.

Q.3 What surprised you the most when you started working at System Friend?

I was a little surprised because this company doesn’t treat foreigners differently. As soon as I started working, I received instructions such as direct correspondence with customers.


Q.4   What do you think is the best thing about System Friend?

I think the Tokyo branch office is small and cozy, it is a good thing to be able to get along with everyone. I can drink free coffee and tea as much as I want, and it is also very nice.

This is Bjorn at work.(?) He looks enjoying himself so much! :D

If the work environment of System Friend is making  it easier for foreign employees to work, it is a pleasant thing to know.

Actually, System Friend is chosen of "Fifty Japanese Companies Providing Successful Careers for Highly-skilled Foreign Professionals", we introduced our efforts as a good example of foreign recruitment. Please have a look!

News Release of The Ministry of Economy