【SF diary Vol.98】SF member interview (Kyan, entered EC group in 2022)

I interviewed with Kyan-san, who entered System Friend in 2022.


First, please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Kyan. The kanji letters of my name are quite unique, so people who met at first can always remember my name, I like it.

I like to ride a bicycle; my routine is to go to a bit far place by bicycle on weekends. It makes me feel good to go cycling under the cherry blossoms these days.



Can you tell me your background?

I moved from my hometown to enter university in Hiroshima and take liberal arts course.

After graduation, I entered an IT company and worked mainly operating an existing system and testing in dispatch.

While working as a first career in the pandemic, I considered what I want to be in society and what to experience in IT industry. Then, I decided to join in System Friend to move forward for myself and my future.



Your major was liberal arts in the university! What was the reasons to work in the IT industry?

There are mainly 2 opportunities.

One is an interest the systems and IT technologies around us. For example, when I think about the process to access to websites from smartphones in order to purchase some items, I have an interest to understand the structure and participate in the programming. It is a big challenge for me to jump into IT industry from liberal arts, but I feel excited when I understand the structure that I never know through my task.

Secondly, flexibility of working.

Another profit to work in IT industry is that it is possible to choose where we work. Telecommuting is currently very common working style from the pandemic, especially IT companies tend to introduce it. In this point, I notice that IT industry realize flexible work style. Also, when you think about life for women, they reconsider about their own career each life events come. I judged it is better to keep working as an engineer in the long run.




What is the reason to join in System Friend?

While having conversation with HR manager and engineers in the first interview, their passion toward work and the workstyle matched what I desired, and I could tell them what I thought well.



How do you feel after entering System Friend? Do you feel the gap between your image and reality?

Work environment is much better than I expected. Our company is dedicated to “well-being” management, I realize how our company put importance on employee’s physical and psychological health through various activities.


For example, we have walking campaign; if you walk more than 8,000 steps in a day during the campaign, you can get some reward, and off-site meeting held once a month. We have chances to get to know each other through the activities. These opportunities for communication, even IT company, lead company’s culture that employees respect each other, and clients’ trust.



How do you usually study while working IT company from inexperience?

I use daily spare time such as commuting to think about logics in my brain or take time to solve programming problems after working or day off when it is possible.


I still have faced a lot of problems that are hard to solve, but it always opened my eyes like when mystery was solved in a story, when I gained new knowledge, or the program moved as I attempted to. These impressions motivated me to study hard.


What will you do or aim at in the future?

I want to be a reliable engineer for our clients. I still need to concentrate on self-improvement in order to be a skilled engineer, but do my best to be who I want to be!


Thank you for taking the time to have this interview!

I look forward to your future success!