【SF diary Vol.95】Interview with foreign employees! Part.6

A new member joined us last year!

This time, I would like to introduce Riebeling Jorge from Mexico. He belongs to xR group and works at Tokyo branch office. He experienced our internship period while studying in Japanese language school, then joined officially in August 2022. He speaks Japanese very fluently and is one of a kind!


―Please introduce yourself.

My name is Jorge! I’m in xR group as a coding wizar... oh, should I do with no joking? Well, I came from Mexico, I’m belonging to xR group. There are lots of things that I am interested in, but recently I’m into TRPG, anime, and bouldering. Nice to meet you!


―What kind of job are you currently working on?

ARI develop AR applications and simulation applications, and sometimes test applications.


―How did you find a job in Japan?

4 years ago, I decided to live in Japan when studied abroad to Japan for a half year. After going back to Mexico, I made a plan and started to save money for living in Japan, however, unfortunately the pandemic has begun. I had worked in Mexico during the pandemic, and finally I quit my job, entered the course of a career support at a Japanese language school since immigration restrictions were easing. I was introduced System Friend from the language school. After I worked as an internship student, became an official employee.

(He loves Shirakawa-go, so has visited there twice in Summer and Winter.)

―What do you think is the best thing about System Friend?

I can drink free cocoa by the coffee machine at the office! Joking aside, the working I am involved in is fun, my colleagues are kind and funny, and the cocoa is pretty good;)
(He said that cocoa is one of the most popular drinks in Mexico as coffee in Japan.)


―When do you feel rewarding with your work?

I feel it when application I made works properly and when I could resolve problems. I feel like to say “eureka!” at that time. Also, I feel glad when applications I developed made useful to others.
((Have you ever heard” eureka”? I’ve never heard it. Please google it if you’re curious about it!))


―Do you have dreams or goals for the future?

I want to start up a business and develop games that amazed everyone.



Thank you for taking the time to have this interview!


Do you understand his characteristics? I think his Japanese level that he can joke easily is great! Even though he just starts working, he is already the life of party at Tokyo branch office:)


See you next time!

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【Posted on Information】

Our company is introduced on the website of Japanese language school Mr. Jorge graduated from. Please check from the link below!