Application Requirements for E-commerce Project Manager

Job Description

You will be responsible for various tasks centered on EC site development and operation support, alongside project management.

Application Requirements
【Required Skills/Experience】

・Professional experience using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Git (3+ years)
・Experience in development with PostgreSQL/MySQL
・EC site development experience
・Project leader experience
・System design experience

【Preferred Skills】

・Project manager experience
・Experience in development with Symfony
・Guidance/coaching experience

Message from Our Group Manager

We are looking for someone that can make proposals and manage projects with the user in mind.
As a contracted developer, you can be involved in the upstream process of EC site projects of various sizes.
We welcome those who are interested in both management and development.
Come join the EC site development team and let’s start building amazing EC sites together.
Feel free to come experience the company atmosphere first.

Job Appeal

It is a position that is required to serve as a bridge between new clients and the development department, and provides a wide range of experience.

Preferred Qualities

Our goal is to offer suggestions, develop and support the operation of our client’s businesses corresponding to their requests.
We want to be a reliable company for our clients as a connoisseur of services and technologies in the ever-changing EC industry; therefore, we are looking for someone who can be a key leader in such a team and lead their colleagues with technology and their wide range of knowledge.

Conditions for Employment
Employment Pattern

Full-time employee (3 month probation period)



Working Hours

9:00~18:00 (break: 12:00~13:00; 8 actual work hours)

Employee Benefits/Welfare

・Social insurances (employment, worker’s accident compensation, health, and welfare pension)
・Periodical health check (once per year)

Vacations and Holidays

・More than 120 days off a year
・2 days off a week (every Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday)
・New Year’s holiday
・Summer vacation
・Annual paid vacation (10 days granted from the day you start working)
・Special leave for wedding and funeral
・Childcare/ nursing leave (Track record available)

Job Application


How to Apply

When applying to our company, please read our privacy policy and send an e-mail to the address below. Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about recruitment.


We look forward to hearing from you.

※We do not accept any sales calls for recruitment services.