Interview of our employee joined as a new graduate

xR group
Shota Sakamoto

Me started working in Hiroshima, challenging XR development at Tokyo branch office!

Our company is involved in mainly three business, e-commerce, medical/welfare, and development of XR.
XR is a generic term for AR, VR, MR. One of the most famous examples of using AR technology is “Pokémon GO”, and the example of using VR technology is PlayStation VR. MR means to be mixed with AR and VR technologies, and it can create more real world than AR. I’m belonging to xR group.

The reason I joined in System Friend

I was looking for IT companies because I wanted to be a programmer. While job hunting, System Friend came into my sight. I worked here as trial period for a month, I felt the environment such as freedom and the relationship between workers suits for me. Even though I was adopted in Hiroshima, I was offered to move to Tokyo. (I don’t know why that was me…) It was kind of a big challenge to me, but now I am very glad to develop XR technology at Tokyo branch office.

Applying what I have learned in student years for working

I learned mainly basic of programming in my school days. Since I understood the basic, I could absorb a various knowledge after being a programmer. I think it was good to have studied hard when I was a student. Programming has been changed and renewed every day. Unless we grow up with IT evolution, the company has never grown up. Therefore, now I study, absorb, and engage development!

About employees and corporate culture of System Friend

There are some foreign engineers, it is global environment! Thankfully they can speak Japanese fluently, tasks proceed smoothly. If you cannot speak English, you don’t need to worry. Also, it is a relax atmosphere, so I can openly talk with representative and directors, and I don’t feel there is hierarchical relationship in our company. There is openness to be able to share my opinions with our employees. Moreover, our company organizes welfare well, such as childcare leave so that the employees can work comfortably. Working hour ends by 6pm, even if you need to work overtime, you can go home till 8pm. Some of male workers took childcare leave, it shows it is very healthy working environment.

Strength of System Friend

I think there keeps balance of freedom and rules in System Friend. Less overtime working means we can finish working in time, our company allows employees to work in each way, and leave responsibilities to them. There is no dress code in our company, so I wore a suit few times. I think it is stress-free environment in System Friend because there is little hierarchical relationship between workers and no old corporate culture such as forcing workers to join drinking party.

Message to job-seeking students

You can try what you are interested in in this company.
I would like to see your work related to XR, your portfolio or collection of your works if you have. That would be great if you can show me your work that no one tries, I know it is difficult to prepare though. I hope to see those who are ambitious and proactive to be interested in System Friend!

Interview of our employee from Spain

Medical/ Welfare Group

Developing an application with using Kinect.

I have developed the medical device called AKIRA since I joined in System Friend. Mainly I have been developing customization versions of AKIRA and the other various courses.

How did you find a job in Japan?

After I married, I had lived in Spain for two years, however, the feeling to return to Japan became more and more strong into my wife, we decided to move to Japan. Since I could not speak Japanese at all when I arrived in Japan, I entered to the Japanese language course of Hiroshima YMCA for two years. After graduating, I began to search for a job related to my major in order to make a living in Japan. Then, I came across System Friend and decided to start working in Japan. Thanks to my wife and System Friend, now I can live in beautiful and secure town.

Do you have any difficulties in working in Japan? How do you deal with them?

I have never had difficulties with working in Japan since my colleagues always help me.

What do you think is good points in System Friend?

One thing is my boss and colleagues are kind. The job environment is very good for me. Other good things are that I can enjoy working as a hobby. Also, there are always possibilities to grow up since System Friend offers the perfect environment for learning various new things.

Message to foreigners who are interested in working in Japan.

When the language barrier was no longer a concern, I felt everything was easy for me. First, you should learn Japanese hard. If you have enough motivation toward learning, you can achieve your goals easily. In System Friend, you can enjoy working as your hobby. Let us deal with challenging jobs and share the joy after developing system!

Interview of HR manager

Corporate Planning group manager

Mai Okamoto

Recruiting to aim for Diversity in a local small-scale company

I’m responsible for a director of corporate planning group.
This group plays roles of general affairs, accounting, recruiting/ human resources, promotion and others, I have focused on recruiting foreigners and caring new employees since I joined in this company.
I have been working hard to make an environment that our engineers can enjoy working and to promote diversity such as skilled foreign professionals and female.

The reason why I join in System Friend

I join in this company in 2015. I took charge of back-office operations such as accounting and general affairs, also teaching Japanese to foreign employees and teaching English to Japanese employees. Even though English class was held for two years and closed, the Japanese class for the foreigners continues.

In the condition 80% of employees occupied engineers in the company, I decided to find out what only I can do in this company, we are getting to know gradually in the field of recruit supporting for highly skilled foreign professionals that I ever focused on. As a result, we were selected for Selected for 300 small and medium-sized enterprises and small businesses by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2021.

Thanks to the experience that stated working here as a non-engineer, which is minority of the company, continuously I put importance on support and care for workers have different characteristics such as gender and nationality as a recruiting/ human resources director.

Composition of employees and initiatives

It is still higher portion of men employees since only 30 percent of employees are women as of May 2022. I will make a comfortable environment for everyone who has different life stage and various gender or nationality.

In these years, we take anonymous internal surveys to be fare in a different position and improve internal initiatives by listening to each opinion. We share survey results on this website after holding internal events. I hope you’ll see them if you have time.